Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States (ABACCUS 2015)

Millions of electricity customers in North America live in states and provinces that allow shopping for electric service. At least seventeen million residential consumers (forty-three percent of those eligible) and most large business consumers (eighty to ninety percent) have exercised their right to choose, according to DEFG’s Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States (ABACCUS). Most residential consumers lock in a price that is not subject to market volatility. Others prefer bargain shopping, and they willingly and frequently switch providers. Others prefer a convenient bill payment feature, such as prepaid electric service, or a new time-of-use option that encourages load shifting, such as “free mornings and evenings” with no cost for electricity usage between 7 and 10 a.m. or 7 and 10 p.m. daily. To read the full report or its executive summary, go to DEFG.

After the July 28, 2015 release, several news organizations wrote about ABACCUS 2015. Here is a sample of stories:

Utility Markets Today. (subscription service) “DEFG: Latest retail market-states report released” by James Downing; Reproduced with permission.

The Energy Daily. (subscription service) “Report shows electricity choice entrenched, but stagnating in U.S., Canada” by George Lobsenz.

Energy Wire. (subscription service) “Texas garners top spot in residential choice as 8 states see decline” by Edward Klump; Reproduced with permission.

The Knowledge Problem. (blog) “ABBACUS report highlights benefits of retail electric markets” by Lynne Kiesling.

Houston Public Media. “Power To Choose -Or To Pay More? State Of Texas Website Faulted By Consumers” by Dave Fehling.

Retail Energy X. “Regulator: End of Default Service Would Likely Be Considered In ‘Utility of the Future’ Proceeding” by Paul Ring.

Energy Choice Matters. “ABACCUS: Municipal Aggregation Risks Becoming ‘End Point,’ Stifling Choice” by Paul Ring

Energy Choice Matters. “ABACCUS Releases Ranking of Top Retail Electric Markets” by Paul Ring.

Texas Electric News. “Study Finds High Percentage of Consumers Participating in Competitive Electric Markets, as Texas Remains the Leader” by Margarita Fournier.

Fierce Energy. “Clear winners? Experts claim deregulated retail energy markets are better” by Barbara Vergetis Lundin.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “PA electric market grows as customer base shrinks” by Daniel Moore

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. (blog) “Report: Pennsylvania electric market grows as customer base shrinks” by Daniel Moore.

PA Environmenal Digest. “Report: PA Ranks 2nd In U.S. For Electric Competition” (article based on PA PUC press release)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Pa. improves performance among competitive electric markets” by Tory Parrish.

Energy Manager Today. “40% of Consumers, 80% of Businesses Choose Competitive Electricity Retailers” by Cheryl Kaften. (blog) “Competitive Electricity Markets Benefit Consumers”

Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA). “Electricity Competition Drives Market Entry and Innovation in Products and Services, ABACCUS Study Shows”

COMPETE Coalition. (blog) “ABACCUS Study Shows Competition Thrives in States That Allow Customers To Choose Providers” by Bill Massey

The DEFG press release, “Four-in-Ten Small Consumers and Eight-in-Ten Large Consumers Participate in Competitive Electricity Markets,” appeared on Business Wire.


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