Alberta Retail Market Review Committee

I am pleased to announce that I have been selected to serve as a panelist on the “Retail Market Review Committee” ( for the Province of Alberta, Canada. The March 22, 2012 announcement indicated that the RMRC will examine the volatility and costs of the “regulated rate option” (RRO, the name given to Alberta’s “default service”). Other jurisdictions refer to “basic service,” “standard offer service” or “price to beat” for the default or transitional service. Default service is a service defined in a regulated electric tariff. The tariff sets forth a price for for consumers who have not yet selected a retail energy provider (competitive supplier). A typical consumer may not take action right away, waiting to see what friends and family do in the new retail energy marketplace. Default service allows a transition period from fully regulated utility service to competitive retail energy service. (Nearly 20 states and provinces in North America take this approach for electricity.) With competitive energy service options, consumers have choice, control and convenience.

The Retail Market Review Committee will submit a report with recommendations by late June 2012. (Note: This was extended to September 2012.)

(This entry was updated on March 19, 2013. The Minister of Energy issued a press release on January 29, 2013 to announce its decisions regarding the report. DEFG issued a press release on Alberta’s decisions.)


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