Resurgence for Retail Electricity Choice and Competition?

It was nice to see one of the leading writers on smart grid issues cite the EcoPinion consumer survey on electric restructuring.  In his story, “The coming renaissance in electric power retailing (and what it means for the smart grid),” Jesse Berst said, “Now I understand that there are other ways to create value besides just price.”

What caught my eye was how his words paralleled those of the chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas last year when he said, “Value is mainly about price, but price is not the whole story. Customer choice, renewable resources and demand response are other valuable features of a competitive electricity market.” Chairman Barry Smitherman was commenting on the December 2010 release  of the Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States (ABACCUS). Chairman Smitherman is a member of the ABACCUS Advisory Board.

EcoPinion No. 11, Resurgence for Retail Electricity Choice and Competition? is available for free, as are all the EcoPinion consumer surveys.  In fact, if you were drawn to this blog by the words “smart grid,” you will be pleased to know that later this month we will release EcoPinion No. 12 which will address consumer attitudes and perceptions about smart grid. A similar report, EcoPinion No. 8: Separating Smart Grid From Smart Meters?, was released at CS Week in 2010

For other reactions to the recent EcoPinion No. 11, please see:


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