Competitive Retail Electricity Markets Thriving

DEFG issued the “ABACCUS”  report today on the status of retail electricity competition in residential and commercial/industrial markets. (Press release.) Retail electricity competition is thriving. Prices are lower and the number of choices is up dramatically in certain markets.

ABACCUS refers to the Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States. The report identifies the successful markets in North America and explains the policy choices that led to those successes. Competitive electricity markets deliver the innovation, new investments, individual consumer choices, and new products and services that are not available in traditional electric markets.

Commercial and industrial customers have a significant variety of products and services available: locking in energy prices for a year or more, indexed energy prices, green or sustainable products, the development of on-site power generation, premium power quality services, backup power and reliability services, energy efficiency services and opportunities for customers to participate in bulk power markets.

Residential consumers enjoy lower prices and are poised to reap additional benefits as new technology is implemented. Smart grid infrastructure investments (advanced meters, communications and control devices, and in-home usage displays) allow entrepreneurial retail energy suppliers to develop innovative pricing and service choices. Consumers now have more choices, more information and better ways to control their energy bills and increase the value of electric service in their lives.

Bloomberg reported on ABACCUS with a story on electricity markets.  Several other stories are available:


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