Trade Show: Combined Heat and Power

In a conference call today, I shared ideas with the other Board of Directors of the Texas CHP Initiative. We are discussing speakers for the November 1-3 “2010 CHP Partnership Meeting & U.S. DOE Gulf Coast Clean Energy Application Center Texas Policy Forum.” This event will be held in conjunction with the Texas CHP Initiative Industry Trade Show at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown in Austin, Texas.

Texas is no stranger to combined heat and power or industrial cogeneration. In the 1980s, cogeneration grew from a handful of applications to a major force in the electric industry. Independent power production in Texas was born in carefully administered markets. It is no exageration to point out that industrial CHP transformed the bulk power market in the 1980s and 1990s. Advocates now believe that smaller CHP units located on the premises of commercial, institutional, and small industrial customers will help to further transform electricity retailing. New service providers and project developers can match a particular mix of CHP technologies and services to particular consumers.

Industrial consumers with CHP gained access to the bulk power marketplace. Market access was just the first of many benefits:

Choosing among competitive energy services allows customers to specify the level of reliability they need, the quality of power suitable for their businesses, the price risk they wish to bear, and any other attributes of service they want to define. Customers who wish to capture and use waste heat on their premises can specify combined heat and power applications. Others may find competitive opportunities in wholesale markets through the sale of excess power from DG units, while still others may purchase some power or provide ancillary services to the transmission network. DG enhances the flexibility and energy security of the network, allows increased efficiency in the use of fossil fuels, and allows renewable resources and waste products to be put to use. (AEI description: Electricity Restructuring: The Texas Story; Amazon purchase.)

What is the purpose of the upcoming CHP Partnership Meeting and CHP Trade Show? As Texans learn how significant CHP has been, and how much more it can grow, there will be mounting pressure to incorporate CHP into the resource mix. The meeting and trade show will allow industry people to share ideas about technologies, consumer behavior, environmental benefits, job growth, infrastructure investment, project financing, new policy issues and the need to integrate small CHP units into the competitive marketplace. Learn more through the Texas CHP Initiative, the U.S. DOE Gulf Coast Clean Energy Application Center or EPA.

Topics covered during the meeting and trade show:

  • Utility Industry Roundtable
  • Overview of the Regional CHP Market
  • Public and Private Financing Strategies
  • Highlighting the Diversity of CHP Approaches
  • CHP: The Invisible Green Giant
  • Clean Energy Coalition
  • Biomass and Agricultural Applications
  • Institutional and Commercial Sector Applications
  • Industrial Sector Applications
  • CHP’s Role in Municipal Energy Strategies

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