What does the “Tree of Life” look like?

Here is a change of pace from our typical consumer surveys, white papers and research projects. EcoAlign, the strategic marketing agency, asked graphic artists to create an image based on the theme the “tree of life” to convey their feelings about the environment, the conservation of resources and sustainability. Past research has shown that many people “want to do the right thing,” but they do not have enough information to act — to buy products and services that have a small carbon footprint, for example. Simply stated, there is a gap between their values and their purchasing behavior.

We know from other research that many decisions have an emotional element. Human beings are not purely rational in their buying habits! Could you doubt that?

This post displays six sample images based on the theme “tree of life.” The marketing experts at EcoAlign strongly believe that more creativity is required to engage people, affect their emotions, and influence their behavior. EcoAlign has prepared a “Creative Brief” to stir your imagination. Read about each of the artisits in the Creative Brief.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Further, EcoAlign is featuring two non-profit organizations, the National Forest Foundation and Groundswell International, to benefits from the proceeds of image licensing. High resolution versions of the images in the Creative Brief can be licensed, with all proceeds shared between the featured non-profits.

(If, after reviewing this Creative Brief, you would like to review a larger version of these images, please contact me or  jwimberly@ecoalign.com. For more information about these non-profits, go to their websites: http://www.nationalforests.org/ and http://groundswellinternational.org/. You can follow EcoAlign on Twitter or “Like” EcoAlign on Facebook.)


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