Survey: Smart Grid Communications

Take the survey by clicking here.

For a short time, the Distributed Energy Financial Group is soliciting expert opinion on communicating the value of the smart grid. Our utility clients understand that they must meet or exceed consumer expectations regarding the value derived from investments in smart grid infrastructure.  As the industry rolls out the advanced meters, it has become clear that different stakeholders have different expectations regarding the function and purpose of the meters. Some stakeholders do not fully understand the operational value of the smart grid to utility operations, or how those values will reduce grid outage frequency and length.

Most experts agree that advanced meters, innovative rate/pricing options, and new devices will present retail electricity consumers with new opportunities, choices and risks. Some view these oportunities as providing immediate value to some consumers, and merely the promise of future value to others. Therefore, it is important that utilities and regulators communicate effectively with consumers, and meet or exceed their expectations.

DEFG’s Demand and Energy Technology Research Consortium has designed a survey to collect facts and opinions about effective approaches for communicating the benefits of the smart grid to consumers and other stakeholders. For about 15 minutes of effort, experts can take the survey and later receive the aggregated results from about 300 energy professionals. Individual answers will not be shared.

The Demand and Energy Technology Research Consortium brings utilities together for research focused on energy efficiency, demand response, distributed resources and the smart grid. For more information about DETech go to

Do not delay to take the survey on communicating the benefits of the smart grid. The survey link closes on April 22. If you visit this page after that time, contact me about the survey report.

Take the survey by clicking here.


2 Responses

  1. Nat,

    I didn’t catch your blog post announcing the DFEG smart grid comms survey this past spring, but would be interested in learning more about the results. Could you send me the survey report?

    Many thanks.

    John Egan

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